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Other Information


KingsAge is a strategy game that focuses on warfare and on expanding your own empire.


The player starts by determining the orientation that his first settlement should have. The settlement will then be randomly placed on the map with that orientation. Via the 'castle' menu item, the player (as leader) can decide which buildings to build or extend in this settlement. Some building levels and combinations activate more buildings options.

Raw materials

Resources and settlers are needed for this, whereby resources are used up for the building process and settlers are needed to carry out the process. There are three types of resources (stone, wood and ore) that are all automatically produced by the corresponding buildings. The total amount of available settlers will only change when the miller is extended. New settlers are not constantly produced.


Resources can be produced as well as traded via the market building. Resources can be offered from the free market or directly swapped amongst players. In order to do this, you need donkeys, which can be bred at the donkey stable .


After the first extension phase, the player gets access to the barracks . This building enables the player to research the first military units and train them. Units do not have any upkeep costs, but the unit amount is limited by the number of available settlers. If you fulfil particular requirements, more battle unit types can be researched. This means that you can then train more units of this type in the barracks.


If a player survives the development phase, he is in the position to go to war with other players to completely take over their cities (so-called conquering ). In order to do this, the player needs a count , which is a special military unit that has special requirements and is very expensive to produce. To train counts, you need to play for a longer amount of time and extend your city further.

Attack protection

General protection

There is general protection from attackers that have a lot more points. The maximum point difference between a player and the attacker is 1:20. If a weaker player is attacked by a player with more than 1:20 points, a warning will appear. If the attack is carried out, the weaker attacker loses the general 1:20 protection for 7 Days. The start of an attack is a decisive factor in whether the protection works or not and depends on the time of the attack. Running attacks on players on the cusp of the point limit are always carried out, even if the target falls below the point limit during the attack. Attacks will also continue running if the target settlement changes its owner during the attacks.

Highscore attack window

Every player can attack the next 200 players below him in the highscore, regardless of general protection. Alliance members are not included.

New player attack protection phase 1

In the first 5 Days, a player's home town cannot be attacked. This protection expires if the player attacks another player himself. If this is the case, phase 2 automatically starts.

New player attack protection phase 2

For another 2 Months, the player's home town cannot be conquered by other players. Counts can attack this settlement, but will not reduce their realm of power. Conquest protection is also preserved even if a player is in phase 2 and has conquered an abandoned settlement. However, the protection is still only valid for the home town - the new settlement can be conquered by other players as usual. If a player attacks another player with a Count during phase 2, phase 2 will expire prematurely and conquest protection will be forfeited.

Abandoned settlement

Abandoned settlements will not have any protection whatsoever and can therefore be attacked and conquered by players that have more than 1:20 points.

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