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Other Information

Other Information

Property Value
Speed 1
Unit run time 1
Tear down building active
Independently growing abandoned settlements active
Minimum units needed for attacking 3 Units * Barracks level
Attack protection for new players 5 Days
Conquest protection 1 Month
max. ratio attacker : defender 20 : 1 for 2 Months
Holiday replacement active
Night bonus for defenders active, 0:00 until 8:00 Clock
Aborting time of the attacks 10 Minutes
Donkey-cancelling time 5 Minutes
Orientation choice active
Maximum travel distance of count 70 Fields
Reduction of Realm of Power through an unknown Count 2.250 - 2.750, with memorial: 1.750 - 2.250
Increased Realm of Power per hour 1% of settlement points
Version 3.1.1
Start Date 01.03.2009

Version 3.1.1
generated in 4 ms Server time: 09:51:05